Moana Nursery Seminars and Events

Our seminars and workshops are conducted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff and local garden experts.

  • Seminars are held in our Landscape & DesignCenter at the Moana Lane Nursery location (across the parking lot).
  • They are held on Saturdays at 10AM and last about an hour.
  • Seminars are FREE, and we operate on a first come, first served basis.
  • Space is limited to a maximum of 60, so please come early to get a seat.
  • Standing in the back of the room is not permitted, as this is a fire hazard. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
  • Popular seminar topics may be repeated.
  • We appreciate feedback on our seminars ... please complete this quick survey here.

Ask Our Experts In-Store ... Every Day!

Seminars are great but don't forget our staff of green experts can answer questions and provide solutions every day.

Essential Oils for Your Mind, Body, Soul and Even Your Garden

September 8: Essential Oils for Your Mind, Body, Soul and Even Your Garden ..... The benefits of essential oils, found naturally in a variety of different plants, have been known and used for thousands of years for healing, relaxation, aromatherapy and more by cultures around the world.  Even plants benefit from their own essential oils which protect them from harmful pests like rodents, insects and more.  Join Corie Keyes, doterra Wellness Advocate, to learn what essential oils are, how to use them properly and the many ways they can be used in your garden.

The Fine Art of Growing Garlic

September 15: The Fine Art of Growing Garlic ..... Join Master Gardener and Garlic Connoisseur Earstin Whitten to learn how to grow garlic successfully in the northern Nevada. Topics will include soil preparation, cultivation, harvesting, propagation and curing garlic. Earstin’s specialty is growing heirloom organic garlic. He will have a few recipes to share as well.

Fall Container Workshop

September 22:  Fall Container Workshop ..... Join Moana Nursery Colors Specialists Michelle Cartnick and Susan Freeman to learn the essentials of creating a living container plus design and planting tips you can apply anywhere in your garden.  You’ll leave with a 10” dia. /3 gallon container complete with spillers, fillers and thriller which will provide fall color into November. This container can easily be popped into an urn or pot your already own. More details, cost, exact times and sign-up to be announced. For now, mark your calendar.

No Seminar Saturday

September 29th - - no seminar.

Sound Bath - Sound Healing Seminar

Oct 6: Sound Bath - Sound Healing  ..... Come celebrate the season with Sound Healer Marilee Wintz and her sweet sounds! Immerse yourself in the beautiful sound bath of brilliantly colored Crystal Bowls, Reshi Chimes and Tibetian Metal Bowls and ease into autumn.  Chairs will be available but please feel free to bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket to make yourself comfortable.  ..... A short guided meditation focused on autumn in the garden will prepare you for a relaxing and healing gentle sound concert.  ..... Marilee Wintz is certified by the Sound Healing Academy and enjoys sharing the beautiful art of sound as a relaxing, uplifting and healing modality. Class size is limited to 30.

Greenhouse Growing

October 13:  Greenhouse Growing ..... Rebekah May Stetson, owner of Sunny Day Organic Farms, will discuss growing edibles and other plants in a greenhouse year round. Rebekah will share the benefits of greenhouse growing along with equipment requirements and tips for successful growing.  Her delicious and sustainable ventures include Sunny Day Organic Farms and Labour of Love.

Raptor Demo

October 20:   Raptor Demo  ..... Kathleen Tigan of Tactical Avian Predators will bring 3-4 birds and give a talk & demo. 

Nevada Day Weekend - No Seminar

Nevada Day Weekend - - No seminar