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October Specials for Best Time to Plant - NOW!

Click pic for details. 99 cent Pumpkins (limit 6) - All sizes, Landscape Specials, Wild Bird seed and much more!

'Neon Flash' Spiraea = One of our Landscape Specials

Clicking the picture will bring up all our specials including these 20% off high desert landscape plants and more, Outdoor Pottery Sale too.

High Desert Landscape Savings & More

Click the picture for savings - visit for advice. This beautiful 'Autumn Purple' Ash will bring years of enjoyment. Lots to choose.

Beautiful High Desert, Cold Hardy, Best Time To Plant

Join our Rewards program for additional savings. See all current specials by clicking the picture. Visit for in-store specials.

Wild Birds Nature Shops All 3 Locations

Wild Birds bring your yard and landscape to life ... click the picture to view all the Wild Bird Savings, too. Fresh Bird Seed on sale.

Popular 'Chanticleer' Pear Flowering Tree is a Landscape Special

Best time to plant is October/Fall; come see what we have in stock for you. Click pic. for all specials.

High Desert Garden And Landscape Experts: Reno & Sparks

As the region's premier garden center nurseries and landscaper, we are dedicated to helping you take care of your yard, garden and outdoor space. Our plants, trees and shrubs are specifically grown for our high desert climate & soil. We also offer award-winning Landscape, Bird, Greenhouse, Organic, Florist, Gift and Rock services and products in Reno, Sparks and northern Nevada.

What's New

Planting Fall Bulbs ... Dig, Drop, Done!

It's as easy as Dig... Drop... DONE! Plant fall bulbs now for beautiful spring blooms. Click to watch video.

Water-Thrifty Lawn Video and More

Learn how much water your lawn needs and when to water it for best water usage. See all our high desert "how to" videos in our video library.

Living Walls Change Everything ... Portable or Mounted

Designed by our own Vicky Ross, call for a free consultation for a low maintenance. even automatically watered work of art 825-0602x134

Click Yellow Leaf Above for Exclusive High Desert Plant Finder

Plan NOW! DIY or Expert help for your next landscape & garden project. Start with Plant Doctors & Plant Finder, then click pic for DIY Landscape help.

Have A Dog, A Beautiful Green Lawn & Save Water!

Looks like grass, feels like grass, plays like grass! Superior artificial grass that drains. FieldTurf's EasyTurf, only from Moana! 825-0602 x134.

Exclusive High Desert Plant Finder & Guide Upgraded Again!

Better Plants also need the right home ... the right location! Now you don't need to guess ... its all right there to discover & use. A great tool; just click the pic.

Landscape Rock Superstore - Construction & Garden Too!

Yes, if you can buy rock, soil, sand, bark, compost, etc. in bulk it is less expensive and we can deliver ... (775) 825-0602 ext. 219 at S. Virginia St.

Voted Best Locally & Top 100 Nationally ... Reason Why?

Better Plants. Better Advice. Better Results. Our plants can survive the high desert because we select/grow them tough ... not fast ... and not in California!

Make Your Landscape Come Alive

See www.WBU.com/reno - all about our local birds; make your backyard come alive. Freshest bird seed in town at Moana. Check weekly specials.

New Video: Pesticides and Pet Safety

Learn some of the unexpected ways your pets can get into pesticides, and how to protect them. Also, see our entire library of High Desert videos.

Create a Backyard Birdscape in 4 Simple Steps

How to keep wild birds happy and hanging around in your backyard.

Successful Plant Watering Video &  More

Learn how much water your plants need and be able to tell if you're giving them enough. See all our "how to" videos.

Plants for Shade Gardening Video & More

Steve Packer shows you 20 plants that thrive in the shade in our latest video. Many new helpful, high desert videos available.

How to Check Lawn Sprinkler Efficiency - Video Helper

Do you have dead or dying patches on your lawn? Your sprinklers might not be working efficiently! Our video library may have answers you need.

Plants for Pollinators - Part of our Extensive Video Library

Check out our pollinator plants video and guide to learn about various Moana Nursery plants that attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.